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DocuSafe enhances how organizations do business, makes them more secure, increases productivity, and can even cut costs.

To avoid costly downtime or complete data loss, it is essential to change the way your company manages, accesses, stores, and backs-up essential data.


Avoid Business Disruption & Costly Data Loss Incidents

Companies of all sizes are more dependent upon data than ever before. Natural disasters, theft, and unreliable data management systems are the most common ways that a company’s data can be wiped out, leaving them with a business disaster on their hands. According to recent figures from Aberdeen, a leading market research & intelligence giant, data loss events cost even small companies more than $8,500 per hour. By leveraging the power of DocuSafe and the security reliability of Amazon Web Services - you can rest assured knowing that your business will never have to endure the operational destruction and financial consequences of a data loss.


Store & Securely Access Data From Anywhere

DocuSafe is a great solution for companies and organizations of various sizes and specialties. Law firms, medical practices, real estate brokerage firms, photographers, private schools, financial advisors, certified public accountants, and nearly every type of business can benefit from DocuSafe. Case files, patient records, project folders, client contracts, photography, login credentials, creative works and so many more types of company files and documents can be stored securely on DocuSafe and accessed by any authorized user - from anywhere and from any device connected to the internet. DocuSafe provides the peace of mind of knowing that your data is encrypted, securely stored, and protected. Plus, the cost-savings of this software compared to other data storage options makes great financial sense for nearly any type of organization.


Simplifying Data Sharing From Anywhere

DocuSafe is made for businesses and professionals who demand more. More accessible data, more reliable data, more secure data, more affordable data storage, and yes - even more possibilities to share data with other people! How does this work? Very simply – by creating a share link with one click from your secure DocuSafe interface! Encrypted share links can be sent to anyone - in and outside of your organization. Only want for the share link to be available for a certain period of time? That’s simple as well – each share link can have an expiration date and time. DocuSafe also gives you the ability to decide how your recipient can interact with what you’ve shared by enabling you to set restrictions, such as not allowing them to modify or download the shared file or folder! Indeed, DocuSafe takes secure file management, storage, accessibility, and sharing to a whole new level.

Stay Connected From Everywhere

Always have access to your company’s essential data, documents, and files.

DocuSafe is synonymous with top-notch service and cloud-based reliable robust encrypted secure affordable innovative business-minded advanced effective powerful efficient file management software.

Your organization can benefit from having more reliable, secure, and accessible data. Depending on the size of your company, more affordable data storage can also cut costs by saving anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands per month. No matter your in-house resources or IT expertise, there's a DocuSafe plan that will fit your needs.


One-time fee $3,500
Monthly software fee $100

One-time fee covers software licensing and installation. Monthly software fee covers secure software interface hosting and needed software updates. Our team will handle the entire solution set-up and then turn over interface file management to your organization. A user guide will be provided to assist you in uploading all of your company’s files. Your team will need to provide us with your server credentials for data storage purposes. Industry-compliance guarantees for HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and DSS can be provided by our team as a paid upgrade.


One-time fee $5,000
Monthly software fee $300

One-time fee covers software licensing, installation, and integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data storage purposes. Monthly software fee covers interface hosting, needed software updates, and interface tech support – both initially during file setup and on an ongoing basis for file management. Industry-compliance guarantees for HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and DSS can also be provided as a paid upgrade. The fully-managed package is best-suited for companies who have limited technical expertise or no dedicated IT team. For data storage fees, our partnership with AWS means you will benefit from ultra-low .023 cents/GB pricing – to be billed to you directly by AWS.

Have questions? Ready to sign-up? Not sure which package is best-suited for your organization or need a customized package solution? No matter your needs, we’re here for you and it is our pleasure to assist! Please simply reach out to our team and we’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours!


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