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Our Reseller program provides companies of all sizes and specialties with a unique opportunity to increase profits without taking on additional overhead expenses.

Partnering Up With DocuSafe Means Taking Your Business & Clients To New Heights

Your clients want to succeed. You want to help them get there.
DocuSafe will help both of you reach your goals, seamlessly.

Build Client Relationships


DocuSafe is an excellent solution to resell as it enhances how organizations do business by making them more secure, increasing productivity, and even helps to cut costs.

Our ideal reseller partners can be virtually anyone - from business coaches and consultants to mid-size marketing & branding agencies, all the way up to large consulting firms & beyond. If you’re in the business of helping companies succeed, DocuSafe will be a win-win solution.

We Fully Support The Success Of Our Reseller Partners


Since DocuSafe is a brand of Dialect Groupe, a leading business development firm, and is an affiliate of The Marketer Loft & Medicis Marketing, who are both industry-leading tech & marketing companies, our resellers can rest assured knowing that they will have the resources, guidance, and expertise to succeed in the marketing and sell of our innovative DocuSafe solution.

Questions & Answers

We’ve put together a few FAQs. Don’t find the info you need? Reach out to us...


Can I be a White-Label Reseller?

Absolutely, DocuSafe can either be resold under its own brand name or under your own!


Are there any sales territories?

There are not. In consideration of today’s global marketplace and virtual work relationships, resellers can market and sell DocuSafe anywhere in the world.


Are there any minimum sales requirements?

No. DocuSafe resellers are free to sell as many or as few solutions as they’d like.


Do resellers operate independently or are there certain requirements?

DocuSafe resellers are 100% independent and not subject to any restrictions, time requirements, weekly meetings, sales quotas etc. We are here to support your success, not to tell you how to run your business.


Can I get DocuSafe for sales purposes?

Of course, having DocuSafe is a great way to promote this innovative solution to your clients. For that reason, we offer all of our resellers significant discounts.


Does Dialect Groupe have other solutions that I can resell?

Yes! Our resellers can also resell website design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), Filldoc digital forms, and Got2Chat website chat solution.

Did you know?

DocuSafe Has Sister Brands...

Intuitive Digital Forms

Filldoc is an innovative digital form solution that is custom-built to perform. Sleek and user-friendly, Filldoc is symbolic with top-notch custom design that complements a company’s branding.

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Interactive Website Chat

See site visitors live and invite them to chat! No third-party or middle man. 100% Secure. Multi-location compatible. Transfer chats between team members. Collect leads when offline.

Visit Got2Chat

Still Considering or Ready To Get Started With DocuSafe?

Either way, we’re here to support you along the way! If you need help deciding whether becoming a DocuSafe reseller is a good fit for you, reach out to us to further discuss. If you’re ready to join us, go ahead and apply. We review all applications and reply back quickly!

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